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Terms & condition

Read the terms and condition carefully then only access the site as it an electronic from so there is no need to have a digital signature by clicking i accept you make sure that you have entered into an agreement with the user describe as you and with the company as LaMarca Connect LLP (  if you do not agree to terms and condition hence please do not access the site.

Whether as the registered or unregistered user please read the terms and condition periodically as to Marcadirect will not be giving any kind of notification regarding the if there is any kind of updating deletion and alteration in the agreement you will solely be responsible to re-visit the terms and condition again to and read it .to facilitate last modification date will be mentioned on the header.

Make sure before entering into any terms and condition agreement you will be bound so therefore please go through the agreement properly then only enter into the agreement eligibility to use Marcadirect is the person should not be a minor under the age of eighteen or any user suspended or removed from Marcadirect for whatever reason it was .in case your below the age of 18 you cannot access the site .

Basically Marcadirect is only providing the electronic platform to different type of people like different seller can come on the site and register them self as the seller and customer can register themselves to start the business plan .so therefore Marcadirect is only the viva media that is facilitating different segments of society. Seller shows the product through Marcadirect and customer as the user can place the order the product.

Marcadirect reserve the right to refuse the user to access the website whether the exiting user or the new user.

Marcadirect also has complete right to refuse the order if the customer or the order placed is found fake or inappropriate and complete procedure is not followed.

According to Marcadirect you cannot have more than one account on id proof you can only have an access to your account. You are prohibited to transfer, selling trading of your account to some other person.

In case of any order placed through gift voucher/product voucher/experience voucher a proper proof should be shared, if asked at the time of verification, to complete the order and a smooth delivery of the order.

Your account-

You can only have an access to Marcadirect by registering yourself or else where you can only have look of Marcadirect but you cannot avail the functionality.

So to become a mce you have to first do the registration on website by filling the basic details – name, e-mail id, address, mobile no. You can only access to become a micro commerce entrepreneur (mce). The purchase of minimum inr 2000 will give you complete access to accure the commission.

The details that will be asked should be correct if the information provide by you is incorrect inaccurate and not complete then Marcadirect can suspend your account and terminate you permanently.

All the security accounts and password you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentially related to your account do not forget to logout from your account if you find any kind of misuse of your account then immediately bring into the notification of Marcadirect. Or you can write us at

Payments under the Marcadirect

The currently Marcadirect does not charge any kind of browsing site cost but Marcadirect will charge the amount for maintaining the user panel that is administrative cost admin fee may be charged it is upto Marcadirect that during the transaction the use of credit card and debit card and net banking cost will be charged by the user on the panel of Marcadirect that is further being charged by the third party no other kind of any hidden charger will be applied to your shopping.

While making payments to Marcadirect by credit card debit card or net banking or paytm you assure that the information you are providing at the site is accurate and correct and you are the authorized and right person to use the facility. Make sure you do not provide with the incorrect information or the information you are providing us at the time of payment will not be shared but in case there is any kind of unlawfully practice is done or there is any kind of a problem in your account then the information can be shared by the third party payment gates ways.

Marcadirect will keep all the financial and amount in the bank as the nodal account in case if any person wants to check can check the reserves that Marcadirect is having with them and incase if any mces demands for their cash back Marcadirect will provide them.

All the transaction while you order the products from Marcadirect will be prepaid by your e-wallet/paytm/credit /debit card and net banking only.

User should not do

You agree not to access (or attempt to access) the website or services by any means other than through the interfaces that are provided by Marcadirect. You shall not use any deep-link, robot, spider or other automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology, or any similar or equivalent manual process, to access, acquire, copy or monitor any portion of the website or content (as defined below), or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the website, to obtain or attempt to obtain any materials, documents or information through any means not specifically made available through the website.

When you use the website and/or the services you specifically undertake not to host, display, upload, modify, publish, transmit, update or share any information or content that:

·          belongs to another person and to which the user does not have any right to;

·          is grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, pedophilic, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically Objectionable, Disparaging, Relating Or Encouraging Money Laundering Or Gambling, Or Otherwise Unlawful In Any Manner Whatsoever;

·          harms Minors In Any Way;

·          impersonate Any Person Or Entity, Or Falsely State Or Otherwise Misrepresent Your Affiliation With A Person Or Entity;

·          threatens The Unity, Integrity, Defense, Security Or Sovereignty Of India, Friendly Relations With Foreign States Or Public Order Or Causes Incitement To The Commission Of Any Cognizable Offence Or Prevents Investigation Of Any Offence Or Is Insulting Of Any Other Nation;

·          infringes Any Patent, Trademark, Copyright Or Other Proprietary Rights;

·          contain Software Viruses Or Any Other Computer Code, Files Or Programs Designed To Interrupt Destroy Or Limit The Functionality Of Any Computer Resource;

·         deceives Or Misleads The Addressee About The Origin Of Such Messages Or Communicates Any Information Which Is Grossly Offensive Or Menacing In Nature;

·          engage In Any Activity That Interferes With Or Disrupts Access To The Website Or The Services (or The Servers And Networks Which Are Connected To The Website);

·          attempt To Gain Unauthorized Access To Any Portion Or Feature Of The Website, Any Other Systems Or Networks Connected To The Website, To Any Snapdeal Server, Or To Any Of The Services Offered On Or Through The Website, By Hacking, Password Mining Or Any Other Illegitimate Means;

·          probe, Scan Or Test The Vulnerability Of The Website Or Any Network Connected To The Website, Nor Breach The Security Or Authentication Measures On The Website Or Any Network Connected To The Website. You May Not Reverse Look-up, Trace Or Seek To Trace Any Information On Any Other User, Of Or Visitor To, The Website, Or Any Other Customer Of Marcadirect, Including Any Marcadirect Account Not Owned By You, To Its Source, Or Exploit The Website Or Service Or Information Made Available Or Offered By Or Through The Website, In Any Way Whether Or Not The Purpose Is To Reveal Any Information, Including But Not Limited To Personal Identification Information, Other Than Your Own Information, As Provided For By The Website;

·          disrupt Or Interfere With The Security Of, Or Otherwise Cause Harm To, The Website, Systems Resources, Accounts, Passwords, Servers Or Networks Connected To Or Accessible Through The Websites Or Any Affiliated Or Linked Sites;

·          use The Website Or Content For Any Purpose That Is Unlawful Or Prohibited By The Agreement, Or To Solicit The Performance Of Any Illegal Activity Or Other Activity Which Infringes The Rights Of Marcadirect Or Other Third Parties;

·          falsify Or Delete Any Author Attributions, Legal Or Other Proper Notices Or Proprietary Designations Or Labels Of The Origin Or Source Of Software Or Other Material Contained In A File That Is Uploaded;

·          violate Any Code Of Conduct Or Other Guidelines, Which May Be Applicable For Or To Any Particular Service;

·          violate Any Applicable Laws Or Regulations For The Time Being In Force Within Or Outside India;

·          violate The Terms Of The Agreement.


There Various Place Where User Can Write There Views As Regarding The Products Liking And Disliking Various Products Reviews Vendors Reviews Marcadirect Reviews While Making The Reviews In Marcadirect Make Sure That You Do Not Use The Harmful Content Any Kind Of Abusive Language And Any Kind Of Pornography Marcadirect Reserve The Right To Delete Your Reviews Any Time the Time You Our Using Selfie Wall Marcadirect Have The Rights To Show Only Those Reviews Comments And Pictures Which Marcadirect Think Is Appropriate To The Users On The Site. Therefore If Any Person Tries To Make The Misuse Of These Facility Then Marcadirect Reserves The Rights To Take A Legal Steps Regarding So

Marcadirect Does Not Manufacture Any Kind Of Products Nor Marcadirect Have Any Kind Of Products Of Its Own Marcadirect Works In An Marketplace And Do The Fulfillment That The Users Order On The Site .if There Is Any Kind Of Fraud In The Products Then Marcadirect Will Not Be Held Liable And No Legal Action Can Be Taken

Price Of The Products Can Vary From Time To Time Without Any Kind Of A Notice As Marcadirect Reserves The Rights And It Is Sole Discretion


Wallets Is Only Your Personal Account.

Marcadirect Wallet Only Gives You The Rights To Shop And Earn Commission from the User Account. Marcadirect Wallet Does Not Permit You To Transfers The Amount To Any Other Wallet To Any Other Bank Account Or Any Kind Of A Transfer To Third Party Doing So Is Prohibited .

 All The Income That The User Will Earn Will Be Transferred To The User Account after 15 days Commission cycle.


Micro Commerce Entrepreneur (MCE)

Any consumer can register and purchases products on

They can refer the portal to other consumers to buy  and earn commission. This entitles him to create a team of sales people who strive to   recommend the website to the consumers in their social catchment and earn sales commission into their bank account.

He can empower the team to create their own MCE and become a part of a larger movement. While he can refer as many customers directly, he does have a limitation of up to 15 levels team size with of the MCE he nurtures.

The MCE has enough leverage to do the business at their own pace. They can begin or shut down the operations anytime

MCE Under Marcadirect Team Indicates The Member Who Do The Shopping Of INR 2000 and above For The First Time And Get Registered Free Of Cost With Marcadirect and is eligible to get commission.

User Balance Commission Will Be Transferred To The Bank Account.

Referral Marketing

Marcadirect Provides You The LOM number That Our MCE Can Join and can grow his network